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I’m grounded of my laptop until my birthday.. which is May 14th. So I won’t be blogging as much until then


Easy, he’s actually Jesus! Relevant: did you know that there’s a field of theological study called Mariology, focusing on Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Mario’s victory animation from Super Mario RPG.

Cranky Kong’s walking sprite, unused in the original Donkey Kong Country.
1 Reason Why I Love Tumblr




Casual reminder that Jack spent 1874 years buried beneath Cardiff.
1874 years.
Presuming that it takes him four minutes to be revived each time he dies of things which don’t require his entire body to re-grow itself (based on how long it took for him to revive after Suzie shot him), and that it takes six minutes for him to suffocate (brain death occurs roughly four minutes after loss of consciousness), he dies 52 595 times per year.
That means he died 98 563 030 times while buried underneath Cardiff.

People do NOT give this character enough credit. They look at him and they’re like “LOL he makes innuendos and fucks people” and think that’s the extent of his character. But he’s been through so much shit, and he has so much more depth than people give him credit for. He’s so fucking brave, and he’s one of my favorite characters of all time.

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